Class Descriptions

Our classes are limited to four students, so you’ll get plenty of hands-on direction.  You can register with confidence; our classes will be held no matter how many have registered.  Any materials needed will be detailed after registration.

Call the studio at 904-270-9349 to book your class.

Sewing for Beginners
Bring your own machine to learn on or use one of ours.
Learn to thread a machine, wind and insert a bobbin, and operate the machine to sew.
This a beginner class for those who want to begin to explore sewing arts. We will practice on paper and make a small project by end of the class.   $40 for 1 ½ hours

Kids Classes:


Tissue Cover-up
Creating this small item, students will learn sewing machine basics, sewing terminology, and beginner sewing skills. This small item is a great gift-giving item for Grandparents, Teachers, or Babysitters.
Materials provided
$20 per student


Reusable Lunch Bag and Food Wraps
Kids will make their own reusable lunch bag and environmentally friendly food wraps to keep their sandwiches or snacks fresh.
Materials list provided upon registration.
$40 per student


Quilt Square Series:

            Just enough to play with some new ideas and maybe make a pillow
Penguin Square – Beginner/ Intermediate- must have knowledge of sewing machine

This special guy can be made into a pillow, placemat, or make him a bunch of friends to turn into a quilt.  This is a great way to learn a new technique and make an awesome conversational piece at the same time.
Cut Materials included
2 hr class $80

Dog Square – Intermediate

Who doesn’t love a dachshund in a sweater? We all know someone who’s a big fan of these little dogs, what a great way to share their love?  You’ll make one square, enough for a pillow, tote bag, or other craft item.
Cut Materials included
2 hr class $80

Crazy Quilt Square – Beginner & Kid Friendly

Learn this technique to turn your scraps into art, or at least something beautiful!
We’ll use scraps applied to a muslin square in a creative fashion. This square can be used for other crafts, or use the technique to make your own quilt, placemats, tote bag, or whatever your heart desires.  If you have one or two interesting garments in your donation pile, why not bring them in and make use of them?
$50 for 1 ½ hours

 How to Hem Pants
You will learn three techniques to hem pants. Bring some with you!  We’ll show you how to measure, cut, pin, and sew to shorten pants to fit YOU.
$40 for 1 ½ hours, extra studio time is available at $10 hr

Pattern Reading
Learn to decode those patterns!  We’ll start with the back of the envelope and sizing, then move into the pattern instructions and all those lines and marks on the pattern.
If you have a pattern at home, bring it for review.  Some patterns will be available for class instruction.
$40 for 1 ½ hours

Design Your Own Leggings – Beginner
You know this is your favorite after-work and weekend wear, but aren’t you tired of looking like everyone else??
Come PAINT YOUR OWN FABRIC in the first class, then cut and sew them in the second class.
Class is held in two separate 4 hour classes, one to paint, one to sew.
$145 All fabric, paint, notions, and patterns will be provided.
(not yet available, still looking for painting teacher)

Fix it Fridays!
Bring you hemming, alterations, and busted items.  Let’s try to get them back into your clothing rotation! This is priced as open studio time, but with extra instruction focused on repairs and alterations.  Some thread is available, but if you need a zipper, button or other notion, please bring that with you.  $10 hour