Why Us?

Why should you come hang out with us at Studio 53 when you could just stay home and watch youtube?

We want you to feel comfortable.  There is no stupid question, we’ve all asked them before!

We’re here to help you create the projects to the level you want.  We can show you how to do things faster, easier, and manage your expectations with the shortcuts you can opt to take.

Jennifer brings over 25 years of fashion industry experience and has been sewing for over 40.  Starting at her mom’s side, stringing buttons together with needle and thread while she watched her mom make clothes for her and her dolls.  She was amazed at the way fabric pieces fit together to make a garment from a very young age.  She had the best dressed Barbies!  Her passion was fueled working in fabric stores through high school and college, where she majored in Fashion Design.

After college, Jennifer spent a year working with industrial sewing equipment in sewing factories in North Carolina.  She learned the keys to increasing speed in sewing- both commercially and for the home sewer.  After moving back to her home state of Maine, she worked with business small and large, working with designers and factories to get the best fitting garments, creating patterns, training production stitchers, and learning how to understand the customer.

For information on freelance pattern and design work, please visit JenniferFarago.com


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