Lessons, classes, or just come sew

Studio 53 Sewing Center is a well equipped sewing studio in the art-centric Starland District of Savannah.  Our open room studio is equipped with standard and heavy-duty sewing machines, 4 thread sergers, large cutting surface, pressing station, and an assortment of tools to help you complete your sewing project.  All time is available by appointment, 904-270-9349.  Call or text.

We offer:

Open Studio Time at $10/hr for those with some sewing experience but need reliable equipment, more space for their project, or some advice and guidance.
We are available for SCAD students, in or out of the fashion program, that just need a bit more elbow room.
Please call for availability.  Read More Here

Sewing classes for kids and adults, from threading a machine to specialized classes. See Our Class List Here

Private sewing lessons are available for those who want one-on-one attention or a desire to learn a specific skill.  $40/hr.  Meet our teachers here.   Is this for you?  Contact us Here

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